Regardless of your age, occupation, or educational background, if what you want is to make money from real estate, you can. Understanding which type of property to invest in is key; if you understand that, you’ll be unstoppable. What are these “secret” methods? Foreclosure overages & tax sale property… but only bought after the tax sale.

If you want to profit as much as possible on tax sale property, you have to avoid the tax sale. Why? The government sells at auction for a reason – to get the highest price. The bidding ensures you won’t get a big discount on anything. It’s designed that way. Want another reason? You can’t inspect the property first, and have to pay for your bid up front – without ever seeing the property. And don’t forget – the owners have a year after tax sale to redeem the property – and usually do.

Guess what? It really doesn’t matter – because you’re going to get it for less money another way. The owners of the tax properties are who you’ll be going after, but only at the very end of the redemption period. This late in the game, those who still haven’t paid their taxes probably aren’t planning to, and are letting the property go.

These owners will make you a lot of money. You will find this is often a second property, or an inherited one. Either way, they don’t want it. By simply asking if you can have the deed, since they’re letting it go, you’ll be amazed how much property you can get. Tell them it’ll only take a few minutes to sign the paperwork, and you’ll pay them $200 for their time. Once you have the deed, you can pay the taxes, or just sell before the end of the redemption period.

This tax property investment method is hands-down the best. Don’t wait another day to jump in – this is a golden era economically for tax sale investing.

One more BIG tip before you go – foreclosure overages. In about half the states in the U.S., when someone bids more for a property than is owed for taxes, that overage amount is held for the owner to come in and collect. But the former owners are often unaware of this! Since they usually are gone from the property, any mailings they get from the county go unnoticed. And it gets worse – if they let it sit for a year or more, in most cases it will be lost permanently to the government.

Since this money isn’t held at the state level, you’re not subject to the state “unclaimed funds” money finder laws, in most places. So if you find and help these owners recover their funds, you can charge up to a 50% finder fee. And that can mean some major paydays for you, since foreclosure overages are often for a lot of money. Click here for more info


Looking to increase your income? Start investing in tax property and foreclosure overages. Even if you’re starting out with only a few bucks in the bank, you can make it work for you. Here’s how to get tax property for $200 or less, outside the auction.

1. Start by avoiding the tax sale. You want a great deal on property, and the competition makes that impossible. Properties get bid up to within 10% of retail value regularly. Also, this property is risky to buy. You can’t inspect it first, more than doing a drive-by. Even if it looks good from the outside, it could have major issues inside. There’s a better way to purchase tax property – outside the tax sale.

2. You’re going to buy property 9-12 months after it’s been “sold” at tax sale. Most owners that can pay off, have, by this point in the process. The houses left at this point are likely going to be repossessed. This is perfect timing from the perspective of someone wanting to buy their property!

3. Locate the owners and find contact info for them. You can often find them just by searching for them on the internet and Facebook. Hopefully, you’ll find a phone number, or a phone number of someone related to them, so you can give them a call. This step is also good to know for recovering foreclosure overages.

4. Ask the owner about the situation with the deed. See if they’d be willing to deed the property to you, since they aren’t going to keep it – and offer a few hundred for the effort. You might be surprised; many are just happy to see the property go to someone other than the government.

5. Profit! Go cover the back taxes if you don’t want to sell right away, or you want to rent out the property. Or let another investor buy from you and pay the taxes – you can still make thousands this way. Use these techniques and you’ll increase your income by six figures this year. And right now is the best possible time to get involved with tax foreclosures & foreclosure overages. Click here for more info


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